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1974  Born in Tauyuan, Taiwan


1997  BA, Broadcasting and Television, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan


2003   MFA, New Media, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco, USA



2013   MOON:TOUCH, Group Exhibition, Taipei,Taiwan


2014   Young Art Taipei 2014 , Taipei, Taiwan


2014   Starry Sky.Promenade,  Solo Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan


2015   Young Art Taipei 2015, Taipei, Taiwan 


2016   MoonBunny: inside the mirror/ outsider, Solo Exhibiton Taipei,Taiwan


2018  Strolling while Dreaming, Solo Exhibition Taoyuan, Tawan ( Taoyuan  

      International Airport)


2022  In Spring, We Play, Group Terratotta Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan


2023  Art Capital, Paris, France 


2023  Bodhi-Leaf Baby the Gleaner, Solo Exhibition Taipei, Taiwan


2023  (UN)Fair MILANO 2023, Milan, Italy


2023  Nach dem Pflanzen der, Zürich, Switzerland


The artist Szuchi Huang majors in multimedia and cinematic, with years of working experience in filming, magazine publishing, and designing business. In the slough of despond, she retrieved a paintbrush to draw again, a long lost interest as well as an old pal in her childhood. Although she is not a fine arts major, she integrates components of various fields into her work, making herself a painting container. She is particularly specialized in containing a plot of stories in her painting as well as visualizing words. Such background and specialties are beyond a particular category, which turns to create more possibilities in her work.


Szuchi Huang has been a diehard for movies since her young age, making movies a far reaching impact on her work, so her work always bears a manner of filming and photography. She is also a traveling fanatic, so she usually takes on her work on a journey. She likes traveling in a casual way, by simply rambling, looking around in a city, and writing down inner feelings in some coffee shop. With a pair of reminiscent eyes, she glances through an ephemeral skyline of the city, lukewarmly and indolently somehow, but conspicuously and ingeniously actually. This is an ideal way for her to go on a journey.


Since she started drawing in 2010, she has already held joint and solo exhibitions for several times.


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