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Wu Chi

Artist Profile

For a long time, the copper oxidation is defined by the reaction of the medium copper and the chemical agent. The paintability is original. In the future, big data machines will have all the knowledge. The key to the competition between humans and machines is that wisdom lies in experience and creativity. The appeal expresses the meaning of human existence and art in this era.

  • 2022 Corrosion Art "Bronze Fu Anlan ̇ Six Degrees of Bodhisattva Vehicle" Height 662×Length 171 cm, Collector's Private Residence Collection, Nantou

  • 2021 Rusted Art "Rusted Fenghua" Height 144×Length 470 cm, Kantons Construction "Roosevelt" Hall Public Collection, Taipei

  • 2020 Rusted Art "Taste Slowly" Height 277×Length 178 cm, Panxing Construction "Kuanyu Phase 10" restaurant public collection, Taichung

  • 2019 Corrosion Art "Flying Wings" Height 420×Length 807 cm, Shun Yuan Construction "Mu Forest" Hall Public Collection, Taichung

  • 2017 Corrosion Art "Stroke Series - Water 3 Strokes" Height 62.2×Length 320 cm, Public Collection of "Harumi Toyohara" Hall of Fu Yu Construction, Taichung

  • 2017-2019 Consultant, Taichung Chinese Flower Art Promotion Association, Taichung

  • 2017 Corroded art "Yongquan" 235 high x 186 cm long, public collection of Fuyu Construction "Heart of Empire", Taichung

  • 2017 Corrosion Art "Stroke Series - Promise 24 Strokes" Height 148.6 x Length 1082.8 cm Collection of Mulan Club, Taichung

  • 2016-2017 Consultant, Taichung Chinese Flower Art Promotion Association, Taichung

  • 2016 Corrosion Art "Rust Corrosion Ink - Standing Crane Welcomes Pine Dance and Prolongs Years" Height 266×Length 1120 cm, Chengtai Building, Crane House Collection, Taichung

  • 2015 Corroded art "Tiger Picture" 240 cm high x 310 cm long, collected by Fugui Puyuan Jewelry Cultural and Creative Art Center, Taichung

  • 2014 Rusted art "Love" 122 cm high x 242 cm long, collected by Panxing Construction Company, Taichung

  • 2013 "Lukang Osmanthus Alley Art Village", artist in residence, Changhua

  • 2013 Rust Art "Kaohsiung Boy 1/2", 1969 L&V Art Museum Collection, Taoyuan

  • 2012 "Taiwan Lukang Lantern Festival", the setting of calligraphy and painting art lighting area, Changhua

  • 2012 Taichung 2011 Tibet, Taichung 2011 2011

  • Corrosion Art "Waterfall" is 120 cm high x 176 cm long, from the public collection of Yousong Construction's "Careful Place"; Corrosion Art "Fairyland" is 293 cm high x 1450 cm long, from Chunshui Hall, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

  • On-site creation of the popular Canadian brand "Roots" at the 100-year-old new clothing presentation, Taipei International Flower Expo "Flower Festival" floral art show, Taipei

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