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Artwork: Fafnir's Tatters

The art work calls Fafnir's Tatters , and it's a dismembered poisonous dragon.


Representing greed for wealth, Fafnir is the eldest son of the dwarf king Hreidmar and the trophy of the epic hero Sigurd. Because of his greed for the gnome Andvari's treasure, Fafnir was transformed into a poisonous dragon.


The artwork mimics a hero who, after defeating a poisonous dragon, hangs the dismembered dragon as his trophy.


The work is made with linen and fireproof materials. The simplicity of the linen on the front of the work collides with the technological sense of the fireproof material on the back. It gives a visual experience of classic and modern.


Artist Profile

Daiwei Lyu is based in Shanghai. He studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins in London and MFA Fashion Design with Society from Parsons University of Design in New York. During this period, he has been exploring and understanding contemporary art creation, including but not limited to painting, installation, documentary film and so on.


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