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2014~2018 National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Sculpture, Bachelor Degree
2020~present National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Sculpture, master class

Macau Student Visual Art Space Supervisor
Member of Macau Youth Artists Association
Member of Macao Sculpture Society
Member of Macau Perfume Culture Association
Member of Taiwan Hualien County Stone Sculpture Association

Works have been collected by Taiwan Hualien Cultural Bureau, Lihpao Culture and Art Foundation, Taiwan, Macau, institutions and private collections

Liao Jiahao/Carlo-Lio, born in Macau, is a stone carving artist. The scope of creation includes sculpture, space decoration
setting, performance and other elements. In my creative world, stone carving is my main axis, and I specialize in stone carving creation


At the same time, I also break away from the traditional concept of sculpture. I like to use heavy stones to express the feeling of light smoke.

, I also like to have a material dialogue with stone through exhibition experiments, and to reflect on the various possibilities of the essence of stone sculpture sex. For me, "external and all things, introspective self." Understand this through sculptures with Zen and humor . This world and myself are the source of my creative strength.

Influenced by the Chinese and Western cultural backgrounds in Macau since childhood, he developed an interest in art and culture.

When I was in middle school, I was very clear that I wanted to embark on the path of "art creation", so I chose to study in the country when I was in college.
Established the Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts. In 2012, he graduated from the art and design group of Macau Catholic Haixing Secondary School.


Two years later, he was admitted to the Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts, Taiwan, majoring in stone sculpture, and is now in the undergraduate department


Currently studying in graduate school.In 2017, he went to Germany and Italy to study and benefited a lot. He also went to Carrara, Italy to study traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional stone carving stippling technique. In 2020, he will study at the Research Institute of the Department of Sculpture, National Taiwan University of Arts. in 2021 and Selected for two consecutive sessions in 2022 into the "Hualien Stone Sculpture Art Camp - Talent Training Program" organized by the Hualien Cultural Bureau "Received professional training, benefited a lot, and also established a local network of people, and his works were also collected by the Hualien Cultural Bureau.

Since 2021, he has been a teaching assistant in the stone carving workshop of the Department of Sculpture. Previously engaged in art-related work in different fields, such as the restoration of diocesan icon works in St. Joseph's Monastery and Church in Macau, the Macau Education and Youth Bureau "Art
Instructor of the Educational Snowball Project - Full Access to Visual Arts. Currently taking stone carving as the main direction of creation, currently
Still continuing to create and research in the professional field. Every exhibition is a rare opportunity for self-reflection and reflection.


It is an opportunity to take exams and study, and it is also a moment to make your creative direction clearer.

At the same time, I hope that I can become an art worker who develops in many ways, so the fields of interest are also Will be involved, such as learning to identify spar minerals, tasting fragrance and tea, and also hope to give back to the society with my personal profession, Such as serving as an art course instructor of the Macau Education and Youth Bureau, assisting the Macau Catholic Diocese to repair icons, etc., hope Able to make continuous efforts in parallel with personal professional development and social feedback.

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