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Chu, Yaohong


Department of Spatial Design, Art Program, Kyushu Sangyo University, Japan

Studied spatial design in Japan during university and subsequently began exploring various types of artwork, including paintings, illustrations, comics, and three-dimensional sculptures. Due to fortuitous circumstances, She has traveled between Italy and Taiwan, organizing exhibitions in different locations. Her works are regularly exhibited and sold at Spazio Laboratorio La Cornice, an art gallery in Cantù, Italy. Over the years, each return to his homeland has made him feel increasingly estranged, as the lack of respect for nature and life in the overall environment due to universal values has become apparent. As a result, her works often focus on observing natural environments, local cultures, and expressing concerns for regional environments, ecology, and local cultures through paintings.

In 2023, Chu was invited to give a special lecture titled "Bridging Taiwan and Italy through Paintings" at the 2023 Taipei International Book Exhibition.

Exhibition List:


  • "Silver Jade" painting, part of the collection of Yuanta Commercial Bank.

  • "Pure Green, White, and Red" - Hsinchu Far Eastern Department Store.

  • "Believe it or Not! I'll Tiger You" charity art toy exhibition - Taipei Kirei Mall.


  • "Flower Cat" dual solo exhibition - Lin's Art Gallery, Zhubei.

  • "Journey of Italian International Artists in Hsinchu" - Lin's Art Gallery, Zhubei.

  • "About Art and Emotion" - Perspective Art Space.

  • ART FUTURE 2021 - Taipei Grand Hotel.

  • Formosa International Art Fair - Eslite Hotel, Taipei.


  • ART FUTURE 2020 - Taipei Shangri-La's Far Eastern Plaza Hotel.

  • Kaohsiung Art Fair - City Suites, Kaohsiung.

  • Taichung Art Fair - Millennium Hotel.


  • "Italian Imagery" - Hsinchu Xiao Rusong Art Park.

  • "HEY! My Neighbor" animal protection-themed exhibition - Taoyuan A8 Arts and Cultural Center.

  • Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2019 - Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


  • "Illustration Talks Hsinchu" - Hsinchu Cultural and Creative Arts Village.


  • "Drink, Paint, Eat, Talk" - LA LOCANDA, Taipei.

  • "REST / 憇" - BROWNIES CAFE, Taipei.


  • "Love of Art Country" - Xin Zhuang FIRST, COFFEE.


  • "Lost in Europe" - Tainan 182 ART SPACE.


  • "Urban Observation Art" - Kaohsiung New Thinking Humanistic Space.

  • "IMMAGINI LONTANE" - ANADEMA Gallery, Milan, Italy.

  • PESCE D'APRILE - Fool's Day Fish Joint Exhibition, Canzo, Italy.


  • YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2011 - Taipei Dynasty Hotel.

  • "MADE IN TAIWAN" - Taiwan Artists' Group Exhibition, Cantù, Italy.


  • "LA PASSIONE PER IL DELITTO" - Passion for Crime, Lecco, Italy.

  • "La MOSTRA DELLE BALENE" - Whale Exhibition, Cantù, Italy.

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