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Wang Wei Chiuan


Frustrations are inevitable in life, but we can still drift along our heart in adversity.

With insights, the artist perceives the experience and outlines of the driftwoods.

With skills, the artist combines pieces of beautiful stories into truth.

In the simple, rustic works, we see the beauty of an epiphany that covers all directions, and the embodiment of a preserving transformation.

There is an old saying in Taiwan: “Sweet potato rots in earth to let its leaves pass on for generations.” With the heart of a Taiwanese, Wei-Chiuan Wang uses local materials, creates artworks basing on eco-friendly, natural, and simple elements, and practices his will of avoiding harming the Earth. Bringing no damage to any tree or bush, the artist creates a new form of environmental art.

“A decayed wood can turn into artworks with a suitable carving method,” said Wang. Our driftwoods friends travelled alone through tides and seasons, meeting us again in a new form that we have never imagined before. Besides their amazing texture and outline, driftwoods also embed rich spirits, telling us that “our past has passed; we seize the moment and demonstrate the beauty of ‘never giving up’.”

Making life into art, and art into life, Wang grants driftwoods new lives in a form of long-lasting copper carving; this is his commitment, duty, and responsibility to the driftwoods. With these works, he appeals to us: “We only have one Earth; we need to protect it with love and care.”


2022      Participated in 【2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival】- A Conversation between the Stag and the Deer

2022      Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery (Changhua)【Drift Along with the Heart- Wei, Chiuan Wang’s 20th  Anniversary Exhibition】 

2021      Exhibited at Art Tainan/Songshan Cultural Park/Art Revolution Taipei

2020     Rated “First Class” by Keelung City Cultural Affairs Bureau

2020     Won “Merit Award” in Pingtung Fine Arts Exhibition

2020     Exhibited at Art Taichung/Songshan Cultural Park/Art Kaohsiung

2020     Interviewed by Super Artists Design (Vol. 873)

2019      Won the First Prize in the 9th International Artist Grand Prize Competition

2019      Media interviews including Apple Daily, Next Magazine, etc.

 2018     Interviewed by TVBS’s Discovering the New Taiwan Step by Step

2008     The establishment of Wei-Chiuan Wang’s Art Studio

2003     The commencement of driftwoods art

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