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Ning Yuxi

Artist Profile

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Artist Profile

Ning Yuxi is a promising artist whose academic journey has been dedicated to the exploration of photography and its inherent artistic possibilities. In 2021, she graduated from the Photography Department of the China Academy of Art, subsequently gaining admission to the graduate program in the same department. Her creative focus lies in a profound investigation of the photographic image itself. She endeavors to push the boundaries of photographic art by seamlessly integrating digital techniques and various multimedia approaches, delving deep into the potential of the medium.

Ning Yuxi's work delves into the intricate relationship between light and image, exploring the nuanced ways in which space is constructed within the realm of photography. Her artistic vision is not confined to the visual alone but extends to the intersection of time, space, culture, and gender, creating a compelling narrative that bridges these diverse elements with the inherent aesthetics of photographic imagery.

Exhibition and Awards:


- CityRun Hangzhou Urban Games: "Making Friends" Group Exhibition at Oyster Bookstore x Yin Chang | Ning Yuxi & Xiao Fengyu Dual Exhibition: "Allure."

- Zhejiang Photography Art Week: "Returning to the Taohu Era Witnessing the Prosperity of Yuhang."


- Tokyo International Art Exhibition "Borders · Fusion" - Awarded the International Peace Prize.

- "Harmony in Yuhang: An Invitational Visual Art Exhibition Continuating 5,000 Years of Civilization's Innovative Vitality."

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