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Wang Chen Che

Artist Profile

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Artist Profile

My name is Wang Chengzhe, but most people call me "Chengzhe." I work as a marketing planner and also pursue a career as a photographer. For nearly a decade, I have been deeply involved in Taiwan's temple culture. While some people choose to participate in temple festivals by joining processions, I have chosen a different path: "Using photography to introduce Taiwan to the world."

When I first picked up a camera, I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go in. However, fate led me into the world of temple festivals, where I began to extensively capture subjects such as deities, temples, and processions. I used to be an impatient person, but my exposure to temple culture taught me patience and allowed me to appreciate the beauty of Taiwan's culture. Temples are indeed precious and essential assets in Taiwan, with every brick and tile telling a story. My role is somewhat like a storyteller, using my photography to narrate the stories of Taiwan's local culture. This determination laid the foundation for my journey down this path.

Photography is my forte, but apart from photography, my professional background includes roles in cross-industry alliances, marketing creative planning, complete product design direction, advertising budget management, and experience in executing cross-department proposals. My main expertise lies in enhancing brand visibility. I have a continuous stream of innovation and creativity and the ability to effectively combine people and things from different fields. This is my greatest advantage. I often assist temples in generating creative ideas for cultural products and bridging the gap between different temples and businesses. I use my limited abilities to help temples gain more visibility among the public.

In addition to my primary job, my personal photography brand, "Chengzhe Photography," has achieved remarkable success, winning numerous awards both domestically and internationally. In just two years, it has attracted tens of thousands of followers, currently standing at around 25,000. Through documentary photography and visual storytelling, I present Taiwan's unique temple architecture and temple festival culture. Among these, the "processions" during temple festivals, with their distinctive cultural, traditional, and aesthetic values, have deepened my connection to Taiwan's local culture. I decided to pursue further studies in the cultural and creative industry at National Taipei University of Education in 2016, aiming to gain more knowledge in emerging cultural and creative fields. My goal was to turn my passion for culture into tangible actions and make cultural values influential.

During my studies at National Taipei University of Education, I benefited greatly from the diverse course offerings. In the field of culture, I learned about cultural consumption spaces, community development, and creative urbanism. In management and business, I gained theoretical and practical knowledge in enterprise management, marketing management, festival event management, and exhibition curation. Additionally, I took interdisciplinary courses in art and multimedia, innovative product and service design, cross-strait cultural studies, cultural park and tourism factory research, as well as courses related to museum management, research, and digital technology exhibition. I greatly admire the school's comprehensive and thoughtful curriculum arrangement. I approach every learning opportunity with the mindset of striving for excellence, and I was honored to receive the Model Student Award during the graduation ceremony.


The festival temple culture and procession culture within Taiwan's traditional beliefs are incredibly important and unique indigenous cultures. I deeply understand the phrase "local is international." For any country, culture is its most fundamental aspect. Without culture as an essential foundation, there can be no sustainable development in society, politics, economy, or education. Therefore, I aspire to further my studies in the field of culture to contribute to my society and country. I also hope that through my photography, I can explore the artistic and aesthetic cultural values of temple festivals and processions, awaken a sense of identity among my fellow countrymen regarding Taiwan's traditional temple festival and procession culture, and, following the motto "Introduce Taiwan to the world through photography," transmit Taiwan's traditional temple festival and procession culture to the international stage, so that the world may better understand Taiwan.

Current Positions

  1. Sanlih Television - "Bao Dao Shen Hen Da" (Consultant Lecturer)

  2. Taichung Dajia Zhen Lan Temple - Planning Team (Contract Photographer)

  3. Xingang Fengtian Temple - Gold Tiger General Association (Planning Team)

  4. Donggang East Rong Temple - National Folklore East Rong Welcome King (Public Relations Team)

  5. Taiwan Temple Culture Innovation Association (Deputy Chairman)



National Taipei University of Education

Master's Degree

Master's Degree in Cultural and Creative Industry Management, National Taipei University of Education (September 2016 - June 2018)


Bachelor's Degree
Yu Da University

Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia and Game Development Science, Yu Da University (September 2007 - June 2010)


Keelung Second High School

High School Diploma in Business Management, Keelung Second High School (September 2004 - June 2007)


  • Awarded the "Highest Leader's Collected Work" for the 2019 IPA (International Photography Awards) in the categories of "People - Traditional/Cultural" and "People - Other," presented to President Tsai Ing-wen.

  • Featured in China Airlines in-flight magazine "Dynasty" in April 2018.

  • Participated in multiple temple culture-related events, such as the "Tamsui Light Festival" and "Chen Clan Ancestral Hall Cultural Festival," as a consultant and lecturer.

  • Worked as an instructor for the Taiwan Photography Exchange Association.

  • Led photography tours to promote Taiwan's cultural heritage.

  • Engaged in cultural and creative planning, consulting, and photography for various temples and cultural organizations.

  • Delivered lectures and presentations on temple culture and photography at academic institutions, temples, and cultural events.

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