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Chih Kang Chien

Artist Profile

Chih Kang Chien (b.1984 )

Currently studying at National Taiwan Normal University Ph.D.

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solo exhibition

2018 Little People Project Jian Zhigang Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Step aside Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Jian Zhigang Ink Painting Exhibition - The Submerged Moment Hidden in the Silence, King Car Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Life v. Jian Zhigang Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition, ADSC Global Art Alliance, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Even if I'm still waiting for Jian Zhigang's illustration creation solo exhibition, Nanxi No. 6 Apartment, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Faces of Time 2015 Jian Zhigang Solo Exhibition, Taipei Art Promotion Office, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 When Rendezvous with Me Digital original illustration solo exhibition, Sol Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 Bust Doll Sculpture Solo Exhibition, Ministry of Culture, Taipei, Taiwan
2012 Livestock, Lives, Decompression and Dissipation Jian Zhigang's first solo exhibition, De Chun Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
joint exhibition
2020 Taichung Art Fair, Ridi Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Taipei International Art Fair, Parkview Green, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2019 Migration Searching for Habitat and Material Memory, Taitung Art Museum, Taitung, Taiwan
2018 Hong Kong Art Central, Hong Kong, China
2017 Yanyu Joint Exhibition, Parkview Green, Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 The 9th Young Art Taipei, Ying Chuan Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Yan Wu, Mingshan Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Sincerely. Objects, South Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2016 Formosa International Art Fair, Humble House Ellie Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan
2015 Taiwan-Korea Exchange Exhibition of the Beauty of Contemporary Ink Painting, Seoul, Korea
2015 Shanghai Baoshan Joint Exhibition, Shanghai, China
2015 Regional Fog Youth Education Center Joint Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Mountain. Sea. View Taiwan Normal University and Central Academy of Fine Arts Creative Practice Doctoral Academic Exchange Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2013 LES HIVERNALES-FORUM L’ART EST VIVANT, French Art Salon, Paris, France
2009 The 2nd Taipei Contemporary Ink Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan
2006 The 1st Taipei Contemporary Ink Biennale, Taipei, Taiwan



2012 National Catholic Art Exhibition Ink Painting Category First Prize
2012 The first place in the cartoon category of the National Catholic Art Exhibition
2008 The 2nd Contemporary Ink Biennale National Excellent Prize
2008 The 56th South American Awards Ink Painting First Prize
2003 International NPO Corporation Asia Culture and Arts Federation Japan General Assembly Award
2002 Asia Culture and Art Alliance China-Japan Ink Painting Joint Exhibition International Japan Chinese Ink Painting Association Grand Prize

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