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Zhong Yating

Erste Klasse



Name der Gewinnerarbeit:

Ich habe meine Zeit mit Schlafen verschwendet



27 x 35 cm




'I Mixed Up Time in My Sleep' series of pictures

Acrylic, canvas


The story of 'Herz and Sheep' revolves around a young girl named Herz (herz means 'heart' in German) and her sheep. In these two paintings, time seems to blur under the influence of sleep, transcending the conventional flow of time and entering the realm of dreams, hence the title 'I Mixed Up Time in My Sleep.'

Even though Herz and Sheep sleep under the same blanket, they face different directions, symbolizing inner conflict. However, like the hour and minute hands of a clock, they come together again when the time comes, ultimately blurring the digits of time in their dreams. This signifies that in the realm of dreams, the constraints of time and space become insignificant, with the focus shifting to the connection between individuals.

The interaction between Herz and Sheep in their dreams reflects the dynamics of human relationships, whether intimate or familial. Each person has their own rhythm of life and inner world. Yet, at intervals, people reunite to share their feelings and emotions, embodying the essence of love, which transcends the limitations of time.

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