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Ariel Chen’s solo exhibition, Petals in Motion

Aktualisiert: 10. Mai 2023

Exhibition Introduction

Ariel Chen, a prolific artist from Taiwan, recently unveiled her first solo exhibition – Petals in Motion – A Contemporary Impressionist Exploration of Flowers in Acrylic. This show captured the essence of a vibrant, living painting straight from Mother Nature. From roses to tulips, these images are a testament to Chen's exceptional eyes for color and texture.

Artist Background

Ariel Chen’s work is often driven by the beauty in nature and the physicality of paint. Her paintings skillfully capture the essence of the floral world in motion. Through her bold, sumptuous brushstrokes, she captures the ephemeral nature of flowers vibrantly alive with movement and emotion.

Chen has used her unique installation style to present her art in a manner that reflects her creative vision. Her petals in motion are sensitively composed, with colors that are simultaneously subtle and intense, weaving a delightful visual and emotional landscape.

Painting Process

The main techniques that Chen uses in her work are painting, drawing, and building installations. She creates her pieces in the manner of a Taiwanese brushstroke painting, where the process is as important as the outcome.

Chen communicates her desire for the flower to become more than a mere representation of nature. She does this by transforming it into an emotional experience with careful detailing in her work. Although she primarily paints with acrylic, she also uses glitter and collage to add contrast and texture to her work.


Chen’s work is mostly bright and vibrant. Her style reflects the fleeting beauty of nature and the transient nature of life. Petals in Motion caught the beauty of a myriad of flowers in its vertical silhouette. The exhibition also explored themes of femininity and fragility, with its colors and textures highlighting the tenderness and delicacy of living.

Ariel Chen’s solo exhibition, Petals in Motion – A Contemporary Impressionist Exploration of Flowers in Acrylic, offers a unique glimpse into her creative process. Chen has used her art to showcase the fragility and beauty of nature and to bring emotion to life through her vibrant colors and textures. This show is sure to enchant any viewer with its evocative power and unique composition.

We invite you to join us for the opening of our stunning art gallery exhibitions. We are excited to debut our latest collection and to share it with you.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to experience our works from up-and-coming artists, as well as renowned and established talent. Plus, there will be food and drinks, live music and much more to enjoy.

The opening will be held on March 16th at Kyla x Einziart Gallery and will last until am 11:00-pm3:00 . Please join us to celebrate the newest additions to our gallery.

If you have any questions or concerns, we would be more than happy to answer them.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.

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