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Sean Wang


Artist Profile

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Artist Concept 


This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged

Sean Wang
In 2004, our family went on our last trip together. When I reviewed the photos taken with a digital camera at that time, I found them so strange, because on the screen, these photos were almost identical to the ones I took now. has to do with two factors: on the one hand, because the resolution of the screen is lower than the pixels of the camera, making the photos after 2004 even better quality, but unable to show on the screen. On the other hand, digital photos on the screen do not fade or yellow like physical photos. So time disappeared
in the photos, which is an experience that has never been had by individuals or even all mankind. The work Remnants mainly deals with this special phenomenon. I placed family travel photos on the screen and took pictures of them. So dust, noise and dandruff on the screen mixed with the photos, as if digital photos were given mottled traces. Through this way, I try to find intersections between family history, photography history and digital
technology progress.

Sean Wang, born in Taipei, Taiwan, received his master’s degree from the Graduate Institute of History at National Taiwan University and then went to the United States to study art photography. His creation uses photography as a medium, mainly exploring the relationship between photography and art after conceptual art. He is currently engaged in photography, teaching, criticism and creation. If you can see it, you will press the shutter.

Solo exhibition

2022, The Art History of Art, Unnamed Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2022, BB , Daxia Gallery , Taipei , Taiwan
2022, A man living in photographic history, Taipei,Taiwan
2022, BB,Hongmei Art and Culture Foundation,Hsinchu,Taiwan
2021, Art Exhibition Exhibition, Suitable Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2021, Taiwan Sacred Mountain Prequel|Himalayas, Pengding, Taipei, Taiwan
2020, ICE BLACK LAKE, Hong Jianquan Foundation, Taipei, Taiwan
2020, Taipei Homestay Hidden Painting, Onfoto Chengde Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2019, Taiwan Sacred Mountain, Taipei Contemporary Art Museum, Taipei, Taiwan
2019, Ashes, Good Underground Art Space, Hualien, Taiwan
2018, Ashes, Duojiao Art, Taipei, Taiwan
2017, Landscape: A Folkloric Counterinterpretation,Taipei, Taiwan
2017, Thirteen Billboards From D to C,Clear Mai Art Village,Clear Mai,Thailand
2016, This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged, 456 Gallery, New York, USA
2016, Interpreting Brooklyn:In Order To Be Seen, Los Sures Gallery, New York, USA
2015, My Scenery Only for You / A Private History of a Scenery, Shuigu Valley Art
Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2015, Phenomenal World, Nuki Space, Taipei, Taiwan
Group exhibition
2021, Kaohsiung Award Joint Exhibition,Gaomei Museum, Kaohsiung
2019, Suyuan Photography Festival,Suyuan Arts Festival, Korea
2019, Sacred Myth, Kathmandu, Nepal
2018, Beijing Photo Biennale,North Town Exhibition Area, Liaoning
2018, Artist’s Choice Free Space, Taipei
2018, Those Taiwanese Landscapes That Are Not Beautiful Qingda Arts Center, Taipei
2018, Those Taiwanese Landscapes That Are Not Beautiful Sanyu Bookstore, Taipei
2018, Newester One Year Achievement Oda Yu Jian Gallery, Taipei
2017, Thomas At Roof Roof, Taipei
2017, Organic Production: Taiwan Contemporary Photography Joint Exhibition Jingluo, Taipei
2017, Young Artist Joint Exhibition Boyi Gallery, Taipei
2017, Newester Is Really Good Ju Yi Gallery, Taipei
2016, Restreet Participating in Contemporary One-Year Exhibition Huabo Yingyan Pavilion,