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Kyla Photography Awards  2023

Participate in Kyla International Photography Award 2023 and win a personal exhibition opportunity ! All applicants unconditionally agree to authorize your artist introduction and promotion to be exposed in our relevant communities



The Kyla International Photography Award has no restrictions on the nationality of applicants, and photographers from all over the world are welcome to participate.

  • Participants must be over 18 years old

About the Prize

  • Kyla International Photography Award]

  • introduce:
    The Kyla International Photography Awards is a prestigious competition that recognizes the artistry and creativity of photographers from around the world. It provides a platform for talented photographers to showcase their work and gain international recognition. Dedicated to elevating the power of visual storytelling, the Kyla International Photography Awards aim to nurture a global community of photographers and inspire artistic excellence.

  • mission:
    The mission of the Kyla International Photography Awards is to recognize and honor outstanding photographic talent and encourage the exploration of different perspectives through the lens. We are committed to creating an inclusive space where photographers, regardless of their background or experience, can freely express their creativity and share their unique vision with a global audience.

Recognizing Excellence: The Kyla International Photography Awards recognizes and honors exceptional photographers who demonstrate exceptional skill, artistic vision and technical expertise in their work.
Promoting Diversity: We believe in the power of diversity and encourage photographers to explore different subjects, genres and styles. Through this award, we celebrate the richness and depth of different cultures, perspectives and visual narratives.
Provide Exposure: The Keira International Photography Awards provides a platform for photographers to gain exposure and reach a wider audience. Selected works will be displayed on our official website and promoted through various online and offline channels, providing photographers with a valuable opportunity to expand their influence and connect with art lovers around the world.
Inspires Collaboration: We believe in fostering a sense of community and collaboration among photographers. The Kyla International Photography Award encourages photographers to engage in meaningful discussions, share their experiences, and inspire each other to push boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.
By hosting the Kyla International Photography Awards, our aim is to create a global platform that celebrates the beauty and power of photography, promotes the art, and connects photographers from all backgrounds. We invite photographers from all over the world to take part in this exciting journey and share their unique perspectives with the world.


All themes welcome -

A jury vote

Entries must be photographic works, which can be digital photos or works taken with traditional negatives.

There is no limit to the theme of the entries, which can be various types of photography such as landscape, portrait, documentary, abstract, etc.

Each participant can submit up to 5 works.

Submit by:

Participants need to fill in the online registration form and upload their entries.

All entries must be high-resolution digital files (minimum 300 dpi).

Detailed submission guidelines will be provided in the online registration system.

Selection and Results:

All entries will be judged by a professional jury and scored based on criteria such as artistry, technology and innovation.

The works selected by the jury will be shortlisted and will be exposed for a long time on the official website of Kyla Gallery


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