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Kyla Art Gallery Aerial Photography Art Award 2023

The purpose of organizing the Aerial Art Award is to promote and showcase aerial photography art, encouraging artists to utilize this unique photographic technique to explore and present the beauty and diversity of the world. Through aerial photography, artists can present everyday environments and landscapes in a more stunning and aesthetic way, and use art as a means to reflect social and environmental issues, thereby raising public awareness and contemplation.


Simultaneously, holding the Aerial Art Award aims to foster the development and exchange of contemporary art. Through this award, we hope to provide the winners with more opportunities for exposure and promotion, and offer the privilege of organizing a solo exhibition at the Kyla Art Gallery in Germany, allowing the awardees to share their artistic creations with a broader audience.


Registration Deadline

The registration deadline is [registration deadline,  November 1, 2023]. Participants must submit their entries and relevant information to the designated email address before the deadline. Entries submitted after the deadline or without the registration fee payment will not be eligible for evaluation.

Work Specifications

  • Each participant is limited to submitting three pieces of work.

  • The submitted works must be original and have not won awards in other public competitions or selection activities.

  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) must be used as the photography equipment, and relevant rules and safety precautions for drone participation must be followed.

  • Participants must comply with drone flight restrictions. Violation of these restrictions will result in disqualification, and the participant will be responsible for any legal consequences.


  • Photographic works can be either in color or black and white. The files must include both the "pre-adjustment original (RAW)" and the "post-adjustment work (JPG)" versions, with the complete metadata (EXIF) preserved.

  • Works must not be part of a series; only basic adjustments such as brightness, contrast, color levels, saturation, exposure, and occasional cropping are allowed. Copying, duplicating, reproducing, framing, coloring, overexposing, montaging, covering, modifying, and compositing (including adding or removing elements from the original image) are not permitted. Works must be captured in a single shot and must not violate public morality. Panoramic photography works will not be accepted.



The Kyla Art Gallery Aerial Art Award in Germany aims to encourage artists to utilize aerial photography techniques, showcasing unique perspectives and creativity, and visually presenting issues related to nature, culture, and society to the audience. The winners will receive extensive publicity and exhibition opportunities, and have the chance to hold a solo exhibition at the Kyla Art Gallery in Germany.

1. Participants of all nationalities, ages, and professions are eligible to enter.

2. The competition entries must utilize aerial photography techniques and be presented in visual art forms such as photography, video, and other media.

3. The entries must be original and must not have won awards or been publicly exhibited in other competitions.

4. Participants must agree to grant Kyla Art Gallery the right to use the competition entries for promotional and exhibition purposes, including on the website and social media.

5. Registration Fee: Participants are required to pay a registration fee of 60 euros per person. The registration fees will be used for the operation of the award, exhibition planning, and related promotional activities.

6. Refund Policy: Once the registration fee is paid, refunds are not accepted. Please ensure that your entries comply with the eligibility criteria and carefully review them before registering.

7. By making the payment, participants agree to the Social Media Policy: Your photographer's credit will be featured on relevant social media platforms.

Awards and Rewards

1. First Prize: Ten news exposures on the award.

2. Second Prize: Exposure on the official website of the German gallery.

3. Third Prize: Exposure on the "Butterfly Reflects Taiwan" platform.


IV. Exhibition Privileges:

1. The winners will have the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at the Kyla Art Gallery in Germany. The validity of this privilege is six months, and the winners can choose to hold an exhibition within this period.

2. Exhibition dates and other arrangements will be discussed and confirmed with the winners individually.


V. Registration Method:

1. Participants must email their competition entries and relevant information to [] before the registration deadline. Please indicate "Aerial Art Award_Name" in the subject of the email.

2. The registration email should include: Name, contact information, title of the work, description of the work, image, or link to the work.

3. After submitting the registration email, the organizer will review the entries, and the results will be announced on the official website and social media platforms within ten working days after the deadline.


VI. Notes:

1. Competition entries must not involve infringement, pornography, violence, or other inappropriate content; otherwise, the eligibility will be revoked.

2. Participants must ensure that the submitted works are original; any plagiarism will result in disqualification.

3. Personal information will only be used for competition-related matters and will not be used for other commercial purposes.

4. If the winners are unable to participate in the solo exhibition due to unforeseen circumstances, they must notify the organizer in advance; otherwise, the privilege will be considered waived.


VII. Other Provisions:

The final interpretation of this award belongs to the Kyla Art Gallery in Germany. In case of disputes, the organizer's decision shall prevail.


Thank you for your participation, and good luck!


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