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Ariel Chen

Artist Profile

截圖 2023-03-08 下午8.04.39.png

Chen YiJun is a self-taught artist born in 1987 in Zhanghua, Taiwan. Chen was adopted at one year old. Although she has loved to paint since her childhood, because of the adoptive family's disapproval, she had not pursued the path as an artist , but become a successful hair stylist. It was not until when she was 32 years old, a devastating sickness almost taking her life, that she decided to break all the fear and restrictions to follow her heart. Since then, she has actively studied the works of international artists and researched their creating process.


Dreams are Chen's major source of inspirations. Chen has the gift of being sensitive to other people's emotions and spiritual phenomena. What she encountered in daytime, would appear in her dreams almost every night. Her clients' stories of life, the flow of energy in the universe, or her own inner being, all become a part of her dreams. When she feels ready, she would grasp any tool at hands to revisualize them. For Chen, dreams are like a way of deep conversation with the universe and with the self, and painting is a trigger of these conversations.

Chen describes her creating process as semi-conscious. It is almost like her soul leaves the body, watching another person painting. Chen does not draw sketches or give deep thinking, but simply let the flow of energy guided her hands. , she would use any tool at hand to paint. She enjoys applying the seven chakra colors to represent different emotions and energies. She also often uses alcohol to wash away clear boundaries between them. energies. 


Although growing up as an adopted and sensitive child, Chen broke free from all the disapproval and social restrictions to start her artistic career. As a result, she particularly emphasizes an attitude of being fearless in her works, in which she gives no boundaries, no regulations, nor definitions. Hopefully audiences would find empathy in their own mindscape and feel free from all the boundaries. 


Chen recently participated into two exhibitions in Taizhong city, Taiwan in 2022. 

Artist Statement


Dreams are my major source of inspirations. Perhaps because I am more sensitive to spiritual phenomenon than most people, things that I saw and people who I encountered in the daytime would appear in my dreams almost every night. I feel the energy in these dreams and visualize them in two dimensional forms. 


When I create a painting, I am in a state of semi-conscious, as if my soul is out of my body, looking at another person painting. I do not draw sketches nor think, but simply release my inner being. I use any tool at hands, such my fingers, stones, or even chopsticks. The seven chakra colors are what I often use to show the state of energy, and then, I would use alcohol to wash away clear edges between colors. The flow of alcohol suggests the communion and rhythm of different energies. Hopefully viewers who see my works would respond with the unspoken emotions and feel a sense of freedom within. 

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