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【Sean Wang 】This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged

Updated: May 10, 2023

Date 05/01/2023 ~ 05/08/2023

Markkircher Strasse 9A, 68229 Mannheim, Germany

Sean Wang 汪正翔

「How digital photos get corrupted」

Photo exhibition "How digital photos are damaged".

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, artist Sean Wang received his master's degree from the Graduate Institute of History at National Taiwan University and went to the United States to study fine art photography. His creation uses photography as a medium and mainly explores the relationship between photography and art after conceptual art. He is currently engaged in photography, teaching, criticism and creation. His creative philosophy is, "If you can see it, you press the shutter."

The exhibition, titled How Digital Photos Become Damaged, showcases Sean Wang's work, which primarily deals with the changes that occur over time in digital photos during the process of fading, including imperfections such as dust, noise and flaking. Wang placed family travel photos on the screen and photographed them, with the dust, noise and scales on the screen mixing with the photos, giving the digital photos a mottled look. Through this process he tries to find the interface between family history, photographic history and advances in digital technology.

The artist has received several awards, including:

Excellence Award of 2021 Kaohsiung Prize

2020 Jiuge Annual Prose Finalist

2020 Hongmei New Talent Award for Art Criticism

Special Jury Prize of the TIVAC Photography Award 2017

International Photographer of the Year 2017: Master in the category "Professional Abstract".

2016 Works collected by the arts organization Residency Unlimited in New York

2016 New York Residency Unlimited Creative

If you are interested in photography, art or family history, this exhibition offers you a unique experience.

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