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2023 Kyla International Photography Awards Winners

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

1st Place: Chengzhe Wang

  • Title: Not provided

  • Judge's Comment: Capturing the lively play of light and shadow with precision in a bustling scene, the visual focus is sharp.

2nd Place: Wu Yuhung (pgwu9464)

  • Title: Not provided

  • Judge's Comment: The image exudes a dynamic energy with a mystical ambiance.

3rd Place: Yung Chun Hu

  • Title: Supermoon

  • Judge's Comment: Capturing a complete and warm scene, the celestial and earthly realms beautifully mirror each other.

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Klaus Schneider

    • Title: "Verdant Hills"

    • Judge's Comment: The colors and textures of the hills are astonishingly presented, showcasing the magnificent beauty of nature.

  1. Xiaoyun Yang

    • Title: Letting Go

    • Judge's Comment: Breaking through the pandemic's stillness with a strong sense of modernity.

  1. Yu Ningxi

    • Title: Late

    • Judge's Comment: Expressing a face with a mix of worry and urgency vividly.

  1. Yunting Tsai

    • Title: A Corner of Life

    • Judge's Comment: Elegant home life amidst the hustle and bustle of daily routines.

  1. Quan Yu

    • Title: l1130054

    • Judge's Comment: Staying resilient through the passage of time.

  1. Yixuan Huang

    • Title: psx20230510-123146

    • Judge's Comment: Capturing the flow of light and presenting a soft, multi-layered greenery.

  1. Chenchia Chou

    • Title: dli0430

    • Judge's Comment: Balancing the dynamic (rolling clouds) and the serene (towering mountains) harmoniously.

  1. Shangzhi Liao

    • Title: v20230122151214

    • Judge's Comment: A family marching forward with determination, a perfect portrayal of life's journey.

  1. Lisa Müller

    • Title: "Autumn Forest"

    • Judge's Comment: This photo captures the beauty of an autumn forest, leaving a deep impression with its colors and details.

Selected Works:

  1. Anna Müller

    • Title: "City Lights at Night"

    • Judge's Comment: Capturing the night-time cityscape, creating a captivating urban scenery that brings out the vitality of the city.

  1. Zhenhao Yang

    • Title: dsc3644

    • Judge's Comment: Capturing the hustle and bustle of urban life in the midst of a steel jungle.

  1. Yihong Zheng

    • Title: Temple Presence

    • Judge's Comment: Bold and skillful use of light and shadows to highlight the theme.

  1. Thomas Schmidt

    • Title: "Morning by the Coast"

    • Judge's Comment: This photo captures the tranquility and beauty of the coastline, evoking a sense of peace and serenity.

  1. Genghao Wu

    • Title: dsc066 0

    • Judge's Comment: The repetitive geometric patterns with a touch of realism.

  1. Dong Ruan

    • Title: l1010279

    • Judge's Comment: The ferryman's journey portrayed through changing light and shadows is delightful to follow.

  1. Michael Wagner

    • Title: "A Moment of Contemplation"

    • Judge's Comment: This photo captures a moment of deep contemplation, with a vivid expression that resonates with viewers.

  1. Julia Weber

    • Title: "Child's Smile"

    • Judge's Comment: This photo captures the innocent smile of a child, brimming with warmth and happiness.