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Applicants from Taiwan must attach a gallery recommendation letter

ladies and gentlemen

We would like to inform you that we will immediately decline the permanent cooperation with the photographer Sean Wang. The reason is the serious behavior that we have observed from him over the last few weeks and months.

In April of this year, Sean Wang applied to us for a solo exhibition. The contract was signed through a Taiwanese company that organized the entire gallery. So far, Sean Wang has never expressed his dissatisfaction in the letter.

During the May exhibition, we received a report from a Taiwanese user who found out on Xiao En's Chinese profile page that he expressed doubts about the existence of our gallery and claimed that his series of performance art could be submitted for our gallery's Taipei Award Exhibition is his material.

We've notified Sean and asked him to delete the post. We also sent him a video of the gallery and asked him to come to Germany to call the curator personally. However, he did not accept these invitations, did not come to Germany and did not call us. Our company colleagues informed him in the letter and still said that nothing had happened. Sean appears to be a completely different person on his personal pages than in his corporate correspondence.

Sean continues to encourage his fans to discuss our gallery on his Chinese profile. In fact, his friends once poked fun at a mother and daughter visiting Sean's exhibit. They explained that the mother and daughter must be artificial intelligence, made fun of the little girl who spoke Chinese, and praised Sean's work, which should not take place in Germany but in China. We informed Sean that this was a breach of contract and copyright, but he ignored it. And it is not good for the artist to have such an attitude towards the guests.

Due to his continued prominence in Taiwan, our curators have decided that we will no longer be working with Sean, including on future commercial purchases.

A German student who was said to be friends with Sean contacted our co-artists, compulsively demanding details of their contracts and earnings. Luckily our artist didn't answer. At the same time, our artist comforted the strange netizen and ended the topic in a very peaceful way.

Sean has never expressed displeasure in his letters to our company. But his Chinese profile has always left only negative comments. We're not sure what the purpose of all of his statements is.

We understand that Taiwanese artists are looking for resources, but the passive way of working does not allow us to give them trust and opportunities.

A month later we got Sean's statement from a third person that he wanted to do another show. We found it absurd at the moment. Since he thought we were a virtual gallery and wasn't happy with the curator's arrangement, why did he have to exhibit it again?

We deeply regret Sean's actions. Although Sean has never been represented by a Taiwanese gallery, we still gave him the chance. We even featured his work in a press release.

Unfortunately he ended up betraying our trust. We wish him every success in the future, but due to his attitude towards us we will not be working together in the future.

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