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POP Art Exhibition Call for Artists in 2023 April

Mannheim Kyla x Eniziart Gallery is inviting four artists to participate in its pop art exhibition in April. Each artist will be encouraged to showcase up to ten pieces of artwork.

1. Theme of the Pop Art Exhibition in April:

Pop art is an artistic movement that first started in the 1950s in Britain and the United States. Characterized by the merging of the high and low culture, Pop Art rejected the conventions of fine art and focused on the subject matter of popular culture, including advertising, everyday objects, celebrities, comic books, among other sources. By blending these sources with their own unique artistic style, pop artists are able to create vibrant and exciting artworks that capture the essence of the times.

2. Acceptable Media:

The exhibition will look for artwork of a variety of media, including canvas and paper, acrylic, watercolor, digital art, collages, sculptures, ceramics, and installation art. Artists are encouraged to experiment with the different mediums and combine them to create their own unique pop art pieces.

3. Application Requirements:

Artists interested in participating in the exhibition should submit a portfolio containing their artwork, along with a resume, personal photo, personal information, artwork pricing, a description of their creative philosophy, etc. The regulations provided by the exhibition committee also requires that participating artists must be no younger than 18 years of age.

The Kyla X Eniziart Gallery Pop Art Exhibition promises to be a creative, colorful, and captivating event. With its incorporation of new media and visual styles, this exhibition is set to be one of the most exciting installments for April in Mannheim. The gallery is eagerly awaiting applications from artists around the globe who are ready to share their unique vision and artistry.

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