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Sensational at the summit! The winners of the Kyla Artist Prize 2023 for aerial photography in Germa

Kyla Artist Prize, the international aerial photography award, has finally unveiled its list of winners. After intense competition, four outstanding photographers from Taiwan have emerged, each receiving a Special Award, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal, and Gold Medal respectively.

The recipient of the Special Award, Huang Zhezong, stood out with his work "Haiyi Yacht Club Image Video." With extensive photography experience, including roles as a producer at a renowned advertising agency, director of the ELstudio image team, and participation in photography teams of publicly listed companies such as Evergreen and China Airlines, Huang Zhezong showcased exceptional photography skills, earning high praise from the judging panel.

Gold Medal winner Zhou Zhenjia received the highest honor from the German Kyla Artist Prize and is also the Chairman of the Republic of China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Association. Zhou Zhenjia has years of experience in photography, particularly passionate about aerial photography. He views photography as an art form, using aerial techniques to present a unique perspective and showcase the world to the audience.

Silver Medal winner Chen Chaoyu displayed outstanding achievements in photography. His accolades include serving as a judge for the 2021 Ministry of Transportation Tourism Bureau's Northeast Corner Photography Competition, working as a lecturer in image design at Asia University, and receiving honors in multiple international photography competitions. Chen Chaoyu's diverse experiences have made him a highly regarded figure in the field of photography.

Bronze Medal winner Weng Zhaowei is a professional photographer with many years of experience. His photography work is widely used in dynamic and commercial photography fields, earning awards in both domestic and international photography competitions. Weng Zhaowei expressed a particular passion for capturing nature's themes, conducting photography sessions in multiple countries, enriching his experience and establishing him as a standout in aerial photography.

The German Kyla Artist Prize organizes the international aerial photography award as a significant artistic event. In collaboration with the Republic of China Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Association, the Kyla Artist Prize aims to promote innovation and application of aerial photography technology, exploring the limitless possibilities of aerial photography in the artistic domain. Zhenhe Limited has also joined this collaboration, providing full support for the event to ensure each photographer can effortlessly showcase their works.

The German Kyla Artist Prize looks forward to discovering more exceptional photographers in future competitions and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. It is believed that this year's winners will bring more inspiration to photography enthusiasts in Taiwan, promoting the development of aerial photography on the international stage.

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