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The 2023 Kyla Human Medical Aesthetics Contour Design Award list is here!

🌟 **Congratulations! The winners of the dental smile and medical-aesthetic categories have been announced! 🌟**

We are pleased to present the outstanding achievements in the field of human biomedical aesthetics, especially the impressive winners of the ahndesign category.

🥇 **Gold Medal - Dentist Smile Curve Design Category**

Congratulations to **Tung Yuan Chang** and **Chung Wen** for their outstanding contributions in being awarded the Gold Medal in this challenging category. Their innovative approaches to dental aesthetics not only impressed the expert jury, but also set new standards for the industry.

🥈 **Silver Medal - Dentist Smile Curve Design Category**

A big congratulations goes to **Yuki Tanaka** and **Anna Müller**, who won the silver medal with their imaginative contributions. Her precise and aesthetically pleasing work demonstrates a deep understanding of the connection between dentistry and beauty.

🥉 **Bronze Medal - Dentist Smile Curve Design Category**

We congratulate **Sophia Schmidt** on her outstanding performance, which was rewarded with the bronze medal. Your contribution has shown that ingenuity and precision in dental aesthetics can produce valuable results.

🏅 **Medical-Aesthetic Category**

The following deserving winners were chosen in the medical-aesthetic category:

🥇 **Gold Medal**

Congratulations to **Lena Wagner** and **Maximilian Fischer**! Their groundbreaking work in medical-aesthetic design impressed the jury and deserves the highest recognition.

🥈 **Silver Medal**

Congratulations go to **Lukas Keller**, **Aya Suzuki** and **Hana Yamamoto**, who won the silver medal in this highly competitive category with their imaginative approaches. Her work represents the best in the medical aesthetic world.

Congratulations to all winners! These awards are not only a recognition of your current achievements, but also an encouragement to continue striving for excellence

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