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The results of the first edition of the Kyla Artist Prize in Germany have been announced.

The results of the first edition of the Kyla Artist Prize in Germany have been announced. This prestigious event aims to discover outstanding artists and has attracted participants from China, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Poland, Italy, Japan, and other countries. The first prize winner in the Adult category is Jason Shih, whose work showcases abstract concepts transformed into independent life forms using flowing solid stainless steel, demonstrating a unique artistic creativity.

The Special Excellence Award goes to Kengwu Yerlikaya, who, residing in the UK, creates works with powerful conceptual elements by deeply observing the subconscious imagery in everyday life. Liao Jiahao carves the trajectory of gentle smoke from solid stone, presenting works that reveal the soft tissues within the stone. Wu Ji's extraordinary rust art portrays the transformations of time and material, skillfully employing shades of gray to convey life experiences. Chen Nengli exhibits exceptional skills in traditional landscape and bird-and-flower painting, combining traditional spirit with innovative ideas. Xiao Shengru's bold brushwork brings textual elements to life, making them vivid and engaging. Hsien-Chia Wang's works merge native animals with winding wood, infusing the wood with a second life. Lin Liyun creates abstract tactile sensations through thick pigments, resulting in the emergence of melancholic portraits.

The Selected Award winners include Zhu Yaohong, who reinterprets traditional landscape painting with the magical colors of fairy tales. Zheng Qingzhen's ink works depict flowing clouds in the mountains and water in lakes, immersing viewers into the scenes. Li Hongxuan's works portray elegant and lively rabbits freely roaming within serene or grand spaces, evoking a sense of yearning. Chen Ning constructs a pure or antique-style fantasy world through unique colors, compositions, and flowing brushstrokes. Xu Zhuyin creates illusory three-dimensional spaces through delicate brushwork and rich layers of pigment. Michalina Czurakowska blends traditional visual culture with modern painting, shaping a rustic and vibrant world where humans and animals coexist harmoniously.

The announcement also includes several outstanding selections: Zhang Qiaomei's works present a whimsical and rich worldview with delicate textures. In Xu Yanxin's digital color block works, landscapes and celestial phenomena are deconstructed and reassembled, exuding a strong sense of power. Zhang Yixuan's works feature vibrant colors, immersing the audience in kaleidoscopic structures. Ye Fen's works depict a majestic lion formed by condensed mist in the dark night, exuding a grand and imposing aura. Cheng Jinghuai's works showcase interconnected twin pairs as symbols of companionship and reflection. Xie Yilun's works invite viewers to discover infinite fascination within the accumulation of thick pigments, exploring the daily object of cigarettes. Zhong Yuxiu's works reveal a deep-seated melancholic sentiment, released through the medium of painting.

Additionally, there are several excellent works that were selected, including: Xiao Yazhu's works depict a shy woman attempting to break free from constraints, demonstrating a strong willpower. Chen Yijun's works showcase flowers blooming in darkness, brimming with vitality. Zhang Peiru's works depict a meditating Medicine Buddha in darkness, creating a solemn and dignified atmosphere. Li Qixuan's works employ bold and thick brushstrokes to shape various flower images. Lin Chien's works feature vivid colors, presenting adorable butterfly and human figures. Zhang Yuanzhen's works depict long-haired figures, radiating a lovely and childlike atmosphere.

In the eyes of the judges, these works have been recognized as outstanding masterpieces, showcasing the creators' rich imagination and unique artistic styles. The winners of the first Kyla Artist Prize in Germany have presented works filled with creativity and artistic merit, exemplifying the diversity and allure of art in different mediums and styles. The first prize winner will have the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in a German gallery, continuing to shine and excel in the field of art.

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