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Artist Residency Program

Welcome to our Artist Residency Program in Mannheim, Germany!


About the Program

This program provides a unique opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in a creative environment and produce exceptional work. Our residency is located on the fourth floor of an office building in Mannheim, which boasts multiple exhibition spaces.

Our program is open to artists from all over the world, and we offer a highly competitive rate of 30 euros per day. We aim to provide a comfortable and inspiring living and working environment for artists, giving them the freedom to concentrate on their craft.


Our residency program is perfect for artists who are looking to expand their horizons, interact with other creatives, and develop their artistic skills. The residency provides the perfect balance of solitude and community, with opportunities to engage with other artists, curators, and collectors.

Profitable Artist Residency Program

Our Artist Residency Program is designed to be not only an enriching creative experience but also a profitable one. Here are some of the ways we help artists make the most of their time with us:


  1. Artist Exhibitions: We host exhibitions for our resident artists, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience. These exhibitions are open to the public and attract art enthusiasts and collectors, giving artists the chance to sell their pieces.

  2. Workshop Hosting: Resident artists can organize workshops and art classes, and our facilities are available to host these events. This provides additional income for artists while also creating a platform to share their skills and knowledge.

  3. Artist Talks: We host regular artist talks, where resident artists can discuss their work and creative process with the public. These talks are often attended by collectors and curators, creating an opportunity for artists to establish valuable connections and potentially sell their work.

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