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Gallery welcomes artists' creative and curatorial applications (dance, theater, film, visual arts, installation art, performance art).

This exhibition accepts individual applications from creators in various countries and regions without the need for a recommendation from a national gallery.

Applicants holding valid Taiwanese passports are required to submit one of the following documents:

a. Recommendation letter from a Taiwanese gallery: Applicants may provide a recommendation letter issued by a Taiwanese gallery, which should include personal or group information, artistic experience, and the quality of their work, among other relevant details.

b. Recommendation letter from a university professor: Applicants may provide a recommendation letter from a Taiwanese university professor or a relevant field professional, which should include personal or group information, artistic abilities, academic background, and other relevant information.

The recommendation letters should be official documents and include the contact information, job title, and signature of the recommender. It is important to ensure that the recommender has sufficient professional background and authority.

Applicants must submit complete exhibition application documents, including recommendation letters, signed community regulations, and other relevant materials, before the application deadline.

Once the exhibition application documents are submitted, they will not be refunded.

Applicants must also sign the community regulations and abide by the exhibition guidelines and code of conduct stated in the regulations.

The organizer reserves the right to review exhibition applications and reject those that do not meet the requirements or align with the exhibition theme.

Applicants must guarantee the authenticity and accuracy of the provided information. If there are false statements or misleading information, the organizer has the right to disqualify the application or revoke the exhibition eligibility.

Once the exhibition application is approved, applicants must comply with the organizer's exhibition rules and requirements and submit the required documents and artworks on time.

Exhibition Duration:

Each exhibition selected by the exhibition committee will be displayed in the gallery for one week.

The gallery will provide the artists who participate with:


1. Three reports from Taiwan media and one report from China media.

2. The grand opening of the gallery building followed by refreshments, exhibitions activities and guest photos will be provided.

3. Video recording of guests admiring the creative artworks.

4. Video recording of the curator introducing the exhibition.

5. If sales are made on-site, the gallery will charge a 30% commission. 

Original Art exhibition fee: (excluding international shipping fee) 

Gallery - €1500 per week, an ample space to exhibit ten artworks 

Exporting Art exhibition fee:

Due to the expensive shipping costs for Asian artists to transport their artworks, if you are a German non-resident, the curator will print out electronic files and display them in the gallery. If the artwork is not sold, the originals will be destroyed. 


GalleryA - €1500 per week an ample space to exhibit ten artworks


Artist's Application Information:

Application submissions will be reviewed by the gallery team members, exhibition committee and advisors.


Application Materials: 

Artists are required to provide a 500-word autobiography of the artist, a column format one-page resume, an artist's creation statement (one page), a photo of the artist in 300 dpi, a list of artworks to be exhibited and their lowest prices, and the estimated time of the exhibition.  


Please provide all the materials to

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