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【Sean Wang】數碼照片是這樣損壞的


  • 展期 日期:2023-05-01 ~ 2023-05-08

  • 地點 Markircher Str. 9A, 68229 Mannheim, Germany

  • 相關連結

  • 參展藝術家 Sean Wang 汪正翔

「This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged」汪正翔攝影個展

藝術家Sean Wang,出生於台灣台北,曾就讀國立台灣大學歷史研究所碩士學位,之後前往美國學習藝術攝影肆葉。他的創作以攝影作為媒介,主要探索概念藝術後攝影與藝術的關係。目前從事攝影、教學、批評和創作工作。他的創作理念是:「如果你看得到,你就會按下快門。」 展覽主題為「這就是數位照片被損壞的方式」,是一次攝影展,展示了藝術家Sean Wang的作品。他在展覽中展示的作品,主要探討了數位照片在時間褪去的過程中所產生的變化,包括像塵埃、噪點和頭皮屑等瑕疵。他把家庭旅行照片放在屏幕上拍照,透過這種方式,他試圖找到家庭歷史、攝影歷史和數位技術進步之間的交集。 藝術家曾獲得多項獎項,包括: 2021高雄市藝術獎優選 2020年《九歌》年度散文獎入圍者 2020年《紅梅新秀獎》藝術評論獎 2017年TIVAC攝影獎評審特別獎 2017年國際攝影師年度大獎專業抽象類冠軍 2016年紐約Residency Unlimited藝術組織收藏作品 2016年紐約Residency Unlimited Creative 如果您對攝影、藝術或家庭歷史有興趣,這個展覽將給您帶來不同的體驗。 "This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged" Photography Exhibition The artist Sean Wang, born in Taipei, Taiwan, received his master's degree from the Graduate Institute of History at National Taiwan University and went to the United States to study art photography. His creation uses photography as a medium, mainly exploring the relationship between photography and art after conceptual art. He is currently engaged in photography, teaching, criticism, and creation. His creative philosophy is, "If you can see it, you will press the shutter." The exhibition titled "This Is How Digital Photos Getting Damaged" showcases the works of Sean Wang, which mainly explore the changes that occur in digital photos during the process of fading away with time, including defects like dust, noise, and dandruff. Wang placed family travel photos on the screen and took pictures of them, allowing the dust, noise, and dandruff on the screen to mix with the photos, giving the digital photos a mottled appearance. Through this process, he attempts to find the intersection between family history, photography history, and digital technology progress. The artist has received several awards, including: 2021 Kaohsiung Award Excellence Award 2020 Jiuge Annual Prose Finalist 2020 Hongmei New Talent Award for Art Criticism 2017 TIVAC Photography Award Jury Special Award 2017 International Photographer of The Year: Professional Abstract Category Champion 2016 Work collected by Residency Unlimited art organization in New York 2016 New York Residency Unlimited Creative If you are interested in photography, art, or family history, this exhibition will provide you with a unique experience.

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